Earth House Project

Donations to the General Fund go into the main checking account and will be used for basic operating costs and may at the Boards discretion be allocated to various programs and events.

Donations to the Community Center go into the investment account and will only be used for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a physical building in the Twin Cities area which houses a Community Center for people of all nature-reverent spiritual paths.

Donations to the Gather Programming go into the Midsummer Gather account and will be used for Guests of Honor, Presenters, Musical Acts, and other costs associated with obtaining the programming and workshops at the Midsummer Gather.

Donations to the Campership Program go into the general Midsummer Gather account, but are specifically earmarked for helping those experiencing financial hardships to attend the Gather.

Donations to the Online Program go into the Virtual Resource Center account and will be used to help establish and grow our new Online Program as we expand into the virtual world.

Please use this button if you wish to pay your annual membership dues of $20.00 per person with an online transaction.

We usually have a tip jar out for our camp hosts at Eagle Cave, and our Virtual Gather is no exception. We can’t say enough about how wonderfully they treat us. If you would like to send a gift to them through Earth House, please use the Donate Button below.

Also, please contact them directly if you have potential business for them whether it be for personal camping or a group. Eagle Cave Website

Tips for Wes and Michelle go directly to them and are NOT considered Tax Deductible contributions to Earth House Project.

Thank You very much for your donation, it is appreciated and will be used either as you directed, or placed in the General Fund and used to make Earth House Project better.