Earth House Gather and Covid. What you need to know.

1. These regulations are in effect for the Midsummer Gather 2021. They will remain in effect even if the state government lifts, suspends, or does not enforce a mask mandate. We are a private organization, this is a closed private event, and our regulations supersede all others.
2. We are NOT requiring vaccinations or proof of vaccination. We would prefer everyone be vaccinated, and, if you wish to, you may indicate that you have in the sealed medical packet that gets destroyed at the close of the Gather. Having been vaccinated does NOT exempt you from mask requirements.
3. Certain areas of camp will be “Mask Required” areas at certain times. We do ask that you be respectful of others and maintain proper precautions in all areas and at all times. It is our intent that all “Mask Required” areas will be prominently marked with signage. The following areas of camp will ALWAYS be “Mask Required”: A. Restrooms, both the Temple of Swirling Waters and the outhouses. — (Exempt while you are in a shower stall) B. Rick’s Café / Morning Meeting. C. Ritual Circle D. Community Circle E. Community Tent F. Kid’s Cove G. Workshops
4. Your campsite is your “home away from home”, as such you have autonomy there and can decide if your own site is a “Mask Required” area. If you decide it is “Mask Required”, please see staff to obtain signage that matches the rest of camp. We will honor and support either decision so long as it is consistent and if “Mask Required”, marked appropriately.
5. Parents, you are and will be held responsible for your children’s compliance. Children 3 years of age and under may be exempted, but we ask you to try to maintain social distancing for them.
6. Additional hand sanitizing and washing stations will be available throughout camp, and “oops I forgot” or replacements for damaged masks will be available near each of the community “Mask Required” areas at no charge to Gather attendees.
7. Additionally, marked sanitary trash receptacles will be placed throughout camp, and we ask that you use them for mask disposal. Thank you in advance for helping keep our campground litter free.



Let me begin by saying that these regulations are not my personal preference. They are the regulations that we must have as an organization in order to facilitate a large gathering of people.

You will be required to sign a waiver saying you are attending the Gather at your own risk and that we are not responsible if you contract COVID while you are with us.

It is our responsibility to minimize that risk to the greatest extent that we have control over.

By the time of the Gather it is expected that most, if not everyone, will have had access to the vaccine. Not everyone will be able to safely be vaccinated. None of the vaccines are 100% effective. If we have 100 people attend, that means at least one person would potentially be at risk. Do you wish to be responsible for that one person getting sick? We do not, therefore we are going to endure some discomfort in the interest of community health. This is mandatory if you wish to join us at the Gather. No one wishes to spend their vacation and time with friends reminding you to respect other people. You do this voluntarily or you do not attend.

Because accidents happen, we will remind you and you can go get your mask or use one of the extras that we will provide. If, however, it becomes an every hour reminder, or someone says “I don’t have to” I am going to remind them that they gave their word when they signed these waivers. It is not simply a mask rule they are breaking, but it is disrespectful to the other people in attendance, and they are going back on their word of honor to protect the weakest among us. That reminder will be issued as I am escorting them out of the Gather.

Please come and join us for a week of fun and fellowship, but let us do it with respect for one another and respect for ourselves as well.

Allen Gray (He/Him)

Earth House Midsummer Gather Chair.