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Enchanted Expo With A Twist: Winter Wonderland

Enchanted Expo With A Twist: Winter Wonderland Come for a day of healing empowerment and fun at Shoreview Community Center. We will have readers healers and vendors. We will be focusing on how to energetically ending the year Winter Solstice setting intentions for 2024 and how to have a magical end of 2023. This is […]


Paganicon is a Pagan conference offering workshops, panels, discussions, social space, music, a ball, vendors, and much more. Paganicon is organized by Twin Cities Pagan Pride and a host of volunteers to provide an educational and social venue for Pagans, Wiccans, Heathens, Druids and people of other folk, craft, indigenous or magickal traditions. Discover programming […]

2022 Earth House Midsummer Gather : Seeds for Tomorrow

Greetings and welcome!! We have a lot of wonderful things going on for the 2022 Earth House Midsummer Gather and we hope to see all of you there. In 2021 we added several items to our facilities: a full-coverage canopy for Rick’s Café and workshop space, extra sanitation facilities throughout camp, and a stage for […]

Latest News

The Earth House Project of Minnesota is changing !! We asked you what we could do to make it a better experience, and you answered with many suggestions. Most of the facilities related improvements are either already in place or will be by the 2021 Gather.But probably the biggest change we are making is in […]