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Sparkle Folk Newsletter #1

Hiya Sparkle Folks,

Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon here comin’ atcha with our FIRST EVER! newsletter 😍

Things have been………slooooow but alas, we’re still movin’ on this end (even if that movement resembles a snail at times, but hey, we don’t mind, we actually quite like snails – especially as friends in the garden). 😉

Something a bit exciting has popped up! Our next lovestream will be happening from YouTube, whereas in the past, we primarily operated from Facebook. Facebook served us well in the streaming department and for this we’re grateful💖

If you’d like to tune in for our original sparkle folk rock and fun uplifting shenanigans, subscribe to our channel here: and meet us for our next show on November 12th @ 7:30PM CST ✌

A lot of people have been wondering if we have another album in the works. We emphatically respond with a hearty YES! Matter of fact, we have SEVERAL in the making – at least, enough ideas to move forward with. As we progress, we’ll keep everyone updated and share what to expect.

Since COVID, we’ve been mostly lovestreaming with the one exception of playing live at the wonderful Earth House Midsummer Gather last June in Wisconsin. We’re looking forward to more in-person concert dates again throughout this decade and even branching out to other countries (ahem, we’re ready England). 😜

Sooooo, besides all of that, how have our friends and family been? I recently deleted my personal Facebook and Randy doesn’t ever use his. We have our Facebook music fan page up and running. We also deleted our Instagram (we’re updating our business cards too). We’ve decided to focus on working more from our official website ( and streaming from the likes of YouTube and working through other services (we’re still looking for the best fit). 👽

We’re working towards creating music videos for our music👀

We both love and appreciate our fans so much, we greatly enjoy hearing from you. Without you, it wouldn’t be what it is and near as much fun. 💕

If you’d like to contact us, you’re welcome to write us through email here / our Facebook music page ( / our contact page via our official website ( / or give us a ring if you have our number 😎

We regularly update our official website, check in once in a while for something new 💜

We’re on the lookout for more festivals, theaters, parties, and shows to perform for! If you know of any that would want the music, performance and presence of these two goofy good-hearted dragons, do let us know💘

Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon


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