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Witchy / Pagan playlists on YouTube

Author : Andrea Grünbaum Published on May 31

Enjoy the playlists if you like and feel free to share them. I have listed them according to their topics, here is an overview.

The Wheel of the Year

These playlists are all about pagan music specifically about the wheel of the year celebrations:

Imbolc and Ostara


Summer Solstice


Autumn Equinox (Mabon)


Winter Solstice


Witchcraft Chants

Chants about the Elements

Witchcraft and Magic(k) Ambience

Songs for Joy/Happiness/Luck Spells

Songs for Love Spells

Guided Meditations
I have created these myself. In some cases, I was allowed to use the texts of other authors.

Guided Meditations Of Others That I Recommend

The Seasons

Spring and Summer Ambience

Autumn/Fall Ambience

Samhain & Halloween Ambience

Winter Ambience

Pagan Deities

Songs about Pagan Deities

Ambience for Pagan Deities

And some more …

Spiritual House Cleansing – Music

Pagan Playlist for Dancing

Ambience for Relaxation, Study, Concentration, Meditation…

Songs about Peace

Relaxing nature videos (no music)

Relaxation and Meditation Music

Drum Music for Shamanic Journeys and Hedge Riding

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