Earth House Project

If you are looking for a true teacher in Witchcraft, Wicca, or the Spellcraft Arts, no one is more “ the real deal” than Keridwyn. Born into Family Tradition Witchcraft on both sides, her father was taught herbalism and folk magic by his Paternal Grandmother in the 1940s. Her Mother’s Farther (maternal grandfather) was brought into a Lithuanian Magical line and received his initiations in the early 1960’s. Keridwyn’s father was a high priest in four different traditions before she was ever born. He was a respected and sought-after High Priest for many decades. Her parents met for the first time at a Beltane Festival in which he was crowned the May King and she the May Queen. Keridwyn began going to rituals and pagan festivals as an infant. She showed an early aptitude and voracious appetite for Witchcraft at a very early age, and began training at the age of 6 in lucid dreaming, working with thought forms, meditation, divination, astral travel and temple work, trance, conducting group energies, grounding and centering as a way to concentrate personal power, demonic and angelic work, and past life regression. She has had training in astrology, Hebrew numerology, incense and oil making, magical and medicinal herbalism, candle making, Theban Runes, Latin, Hebrew, and Welsh language, alchemy, Hoodoo and Root Work. She has studied comparative religion; including: first nations ceremonies, Hindu, Muslim, Buddist, Jewish, Kung of the Kalahari, and greater African studies, Greek, Celtic, Nordic, Germanic, and Mongolian history and religion.


• She began writing rituals at 10 years old.

• Formally sealed as a Priestess of the Goddess at the age of 11

• Began leading large-scale public group rituals at 16

• Began formally studying Wicca and the principals of formalized ritual at 17

• Studied New Orleans style Voodoo from age 17 to 22 and took initiations including a year “in whites”

• Studied Brazilian trance dance in Brazil for six months at the age of 19

• Received Initiation in her Family’s Welsh Craft Tradition in 1996.

• Received Initiation in her Family’s Lebanese Craft Tradition in 1997.

• Received initiation into the “Grove of the Unicorn” Tradition in 1998

• Began teaching Pagan and Neophyte classes in Texas, Georgia, New York, and Tennessee in 1999

• Became High Priestess in the Unicorn Tradition in 2001

• Continues to lead workshops and rituals all over the world, including: Indonesia, Egypt, England, and of course, many parts of the United States

She is the artisan and owner of Devonshire Incense and Soap since 2004.