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2022 Earth House Midsummer Gather : Seeds for Tomorrow

Greetings and welcome!! We have a lot of wonderful things going on for the 2022 Earth House Midsummer Gather and we hope to see all of you there. In 2021 we added several items to our facilities: a full-coverage canopy for Rick’s Café and workshop space, extra sanitation facilities throughout camp, and a stage for our entertainers. We are looking forward to continuing that trend in the coming years. In response to your feedback, we are planning to expand our entertainment and workshop quantity and diversity.

We kept our 2021 pricing at 2019 (pre-Covid) levels — it was a rough year for many of us. However, our costs and the programming expansion come with additional expenses. The registration for a full week (seven nights) of fun, learning, fellowship, entertainment, and more for 2022 will be $220.00 per adult, prorated for youths, and for shorter stays. To help you to budget this, we are offering several payment options. We would also like to thank those who took a chance on us with a $20.00 discount for anyone returning from 2021.

We truly appreciate those who joined us, and are very happy to report that to the best of our knowledge, there was no Covid transmission during the Gather. At this time, Covid is rearing its ugly head again in the form of variants. For 2022, in addition to continuing our sanitation, distancing, and mask requirements, we will be requiring that all participants must provide proof of vaccination upon registration. Special exemptions based on medical needs may be submitted to the Gather Committee for consideration.

All Covid guidelines and requirements are subject to modification by the Gather Committee up to and including the Gather. We wish each and every one of you a healthy and prosperous year, and we look forward to you joining us in fellowship as we celebrate… 2022 Earth House Midsummer Gather : Seeds for Tomorrow

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